On January 16, 2019, Tumblr banned our blog edmundkemperstories (previously: thereisanoceanimaginarium) for no valid reason and refused to reactivate it. So, we decided to take matters in our own hands and created this website that we own.

This blog is about American serial killer Edmund Kemper’s life and crimes. Our goal is to document the Co-Ed Killer case with as much details and accuracy as possible. Our fact-based presentation of his early life, his crimes, his trial and his life in prison will be told with the help of newspaper archives, magazines, books, films, TV reports ans shows, interviews, legal documents, photographies, etc. There are people on other social media platforms who also research and publish about this case. We will indicate sources to the best of our knowledge when we use material created by them.

We will also show how Ed Kemper’s story has influenced many artists (painters, writers, musicians) who have created original artwork featuring the Co-Ed Killer.

We hope to become a reference for anybody who is interested in Ed Kemper’s case. Our inspiration for this website is the wonderful Cielo Drive website about the Manson Family cases.  We aspire to someday achieve this level of quality of information and presentation for the Edmund Kemper case.

In our quest to better understand Ed Kemper’s story, we have assembled a small collection of crime memorabilia related to Ed Kemper: items that he has owned or made (such as books, letters and mugs), and items indirectly related to his case as well (books, props and artwork). We will share these here from time to time.

Needless to say that we do not condone Ed Kemper’s crimes nor do we support any form of violence against women. Our heart is always with the victims of Ed Kemper.

We hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to contact us for any question or comment!