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A letter from Ed Kemper

A rare piece: a fully handwritten letter by Ed Kemper to a male penpal, from 1995. It is rare because Kemper typed most of his letters. It is about two pages long. Here is a transcript of the last two paragraphs of the letter:

Spencer Michaels, a field reporter with McNeil Lehrer, passed me in the hallway recently. He had a crew with him, as well as the Warden’s Ad Asst. It was nice that he remembered me from an interview in the early 80s when he was out on the coast with KPIX channel 4. Oops-That’s KRON I guess. (who watches the local news in prison?)

I don’t do media interviews anymore – they want only to rake over the pain and ashes of 22 years ago. There’s nothing “new” there except anguish and I can do that without the corporate sponsors and audience share actuarials, thank you very much. When a lifer is the subject, who but him is concerned with healing? (if then…)

Gonna get this mailed – take care.



This letter is part of my collection of true crime collectibles.


  1. Veronica

    Hi Ed! 1st off yes everything you did was horrible BUT In listening to your interviews I thought he really is a gentleman. The way you would call the victims young ladies. I just watched a newer video where you share you’ve accepted the Lord. That is SO awesome. He loves and all you have to do is ask for forgiveness. I had an abortion and it KILLED me but I couldn’t take care of another child. I went to the gyno and he asked me how many pregnancies and how many births. I started to cry and told him what I had done. He saId you just have to ask for forgiveness. I said I do all the time. He said, you only need to 1 time. He set me free. I hope you feel free and that you see who you are inside and not what others say you are. You’re SMART, full of love and very regretful of your past sins. I just felt a calling to contact you. God bless you kind sir.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Thank you for your message, but this blog is not related in any way to Ed Kemper. He doesn’t have access to the internet. Happy you could free yourself of your guilt.

  2. Elaine

    One question… It is a known case that murderers and convicted criminals tend to arouse attraction in certain ladies, regardless of their physical appearance. You don’t know if Edmund received letters in prison from women who said they admired him or were in love with him? I know several cases of other serial killers and I’m interested in knowing if Kemper was also part of this phenomenon.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Yes, he was. Over the years, he had several penpals, including many women. In his 2017 parole board hearing transcript, he mentions a French woman in her 30s with who he corresponds and says he is in some kind of relationship with. Many years ago, there was the wife of a guard at Vacaville who was obsessed with Kemper. Here at our blog, we sometimes receive messages from women offering sex to Kemper!

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