Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

“My size has also caused me a lot of problems, what I would call artificial paranoia…

…When I walk into a room, everyone immediately looks at me because I’m the tallest person they’ve ever seen. The conversations stop and all eyes turn on me. And the irony of the thing is that the shortest kid is infuriated because he has always dreamed of being the center of attention. I absolutely do not want to be the center of this attention, I want to blend into the crowd. For large individuals I see that there are two categories, the passive ones, because of everything that befalls them, and those who are aggressive. Those who are short need to surpass themselves and they’re angry at those who naturally attract attention because of their size. At school, I was constantly harassed by smaller kids.” – Ed Kemper (who stands at 6’9″)

Source : L’Ogre de Santa Cruz (Stéphane Bourgoin, 1998)



  1. Gabriela

    Hi!! I would like to know about Ed’s life as a person and murderer. I started a personal project and this website is very useful, but when I click on the victims nothing appears.

    And can you share references and sources?

    Thank you very much and I will mention them in my project.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Hello! On the right side of the blog, there is a section called “Categories”. You can search by the victims’s names and you will posts about them. You will also find information in the “References” section, but it’s incomplete. I do this as a hobby!

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