The CMF has been Ed Kemper’s home since he was incarcerated in 1973. Read more about the history of the CMF at the link at the end of this post. .

According to an ex-CMF employee, it’s “almost certain” that that’s Ed Kemper on the far-right hiding his face in the therapy session. He also said that Kemper is a “model inmate. I think he was taller than 6 foot 9. I’m 6 foot and it felt I was looking straight up to see his face. He crouched a little walking through a door way as not to hit his head.” This picture was taken in December 1990.

Kemper worked for several years as a clerk in the prison library, in the reference area. At some point, prison officials decided that he had worked there for too long, so they made him swap jobs with an inmate who worked as captain’s clerk.

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