Portraits of Ed Kemper by Nicolas Castelaux


Nicolas Castelaux, whose real name is Nicolas Claux, is a French painter, writer and collector of murderabilia.

A devotee of Satanism, he was sentenced to twelve years in prison in 1997 for murder and released in 2002.

After having written and published several books in the collection “Camion Noir”, including several biographies, such as Richard Ramirez (2009), Ted Bundy (2014), and the band Mayhem (2010), and the marking “Je tue donc je suis” (2009) resulting from his correspondence with killers (something that had never been done in France before him), among which are the infamous culinary texts by Issei Sagawa (the Japanese cannibal student), Castelaux is now the manager of the collection, related to publisher Camion Blanc.

As a painter, Castelaux notably does portraits of famous serial killers. He also illustrated with his works the famous American “Serial Killer Calendar”.