Highlighting the United Nations’ birthday anniversary celebration on Saturday at Oakland’s Lakeside Park will be groups of Eastbay teenagers performing ethnic dances of the countries where their ancestors were born. (…)

[12-year-old] Aiko Koo, a Berkeley resident and student at the Anna Head School in Oakland, and Hazel Davidson of El Cerrito and a student at Portola Junior High, will present three dances of Korean origin to the audience at the celebration.

The Taryung will be performed by both girls in the traditional court dancers’ costumes, with flower crowns and white flowing gowns. The dance, dating back to the Ye dynasty of the 13th century, is ceremonial in form and was used at the beginning of all court functions. Dances of the stage and of a more recent origin will also be presented – a scarf dance and fan dance. The young dancers are students of the Korean Classical Dance Studio. (…)

Source: Oakland Tribune, Oct 22, 1969