Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

Today: Ed Kemper’s birthday

Today, serial killer Edmund Kemper turns 71 years old. He is still incarcerated at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California.

Edmund Emil Kemper III was born in Burbank, California, on December 18, 1948. He was the middle child and only son born to Clarnell Elizabeth Kemper (née Stage, 1921–1973) and Edmund Emil Kemper II (1919–1985).

Source: Wikipedia / Image: excerpt from documentary Forgiven (made in the early 2000s)


  1. damien

    seams like a very educated articulated man i wonder what path he would have chosen had he not commit those murders

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Kemper didn’t study for higher education, but he’s very knowledgeable is several domains. After his stay at Atascadero, he said he would have liked to become a psychiatrist. I think he could also have been good in science and computer technology.

  2. Kimi

    Ed Kemper could have done a lot of things, if he chose a different path. I think his mother had her part of his path chosen.

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