Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

“A man would be a fool to marry a woman smarter than himself”

To one of his drinking companions, Ed Kemper confided that he’d become engaged and he commented that a ‘man would be a fool to marry a woman smarter than himself.’ Kemper did not marry the girl. In fact, she was seldom seen in the area and little was known of her except that she came from a Central Valley town, was small, blonde, young and immature. Later, he told an investigator that he worshipped her in an ‘almost religious’ way and that they had never engaged in a sexual relationship.

In fact, he claimed that he had had normal sexual intercourse only once and this with a woman who rejected him when he approached her a second time. But he also said on other occasions that he had never had normal relations with a woman; and again, that he had frequently attempted intercourse with a woman but had never reached a climax.

Source: The Coed-Killer by Margaret Cheney, p. 38-39 / Image: textless frame from David Jouvent’s upcoming graphic novel about Kemper


  1. Michael L.

    An unsurprising comment considering his trauma from his mother; intelligent was synonymous with conniving and contriving to Edmund.

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      I agree! (sorry for the delay of response)

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      He didn’t want to be with a woman who could control him. He dealt with his mother all of his life. He wanted someone who looked up to him.

  2. Beth

    Very intresting!

  3. Melanie

    My grandfather said that quote.My Grandmother yelled at him.He said”See what I mean?”

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  4. joes mama

    sounds like the typical incel

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Maybe one of the original incels!

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