Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

Ed Kemper’s father’s army discharge

This is the registration card confirming that Ed Kemper’s father, Edmund Emil Kemper Jr. (II), was discharged from the army after World War II in 1945.

Edmund Kemper II enlisted in the Army on June 21, 1939. He served in World War II during his enlistment. After the war he tested atomic bombs in the Pacific Proving Grounds before returning to California, where he found work as an electrician. 

Sources: Ancestry / Find a Grave


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    They contacted different types of offenders, including mass murderers, assassins, and serial killers, and collected data on 118 victims, including some who had survived an attempted murder. The goal was to gather information about how the murders were planned and committed, what the killers did and thought about afterward, what kinds of fantasies they had, and what they did before the next incident. Edmund Kemper was among the 36 men who agreed to be interviewed, and Ressler had a hair-raising story about it. (Kemper has told private correspondents, who related it to this author, that he sneers at these tales and that a psychiatrist who visited him tells the same story in some attempt to make it seem as if these interviews were truly dangerous. On the other hand, he may well have done this with several people simply because he enjoyed playing this trick. Chenry relates a similar story about a female correspondent who may have reminded Kemper of Sara Hallett.)

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      The FBI did start interviewing serial killers in the 1970s to understand how they think and act, allowing the Behavioural Science Unit to come to existence (as seen on Mindhunter, for example). We published here about the incident Ressler tells of in his book when Kemper tried to scare him in an interview room. He did the same thing to reporter Marj von B who reminded Kemper of Sara Hallett. We know that Kemper has a problem with his public image and that he likes to play tricks to his visitors. Some people would like to have a piece of his story. That’s just how it goes, I guess…

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