Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

Ed Kemper’s sister testifies at trial

Testifying as the first defense witness in Ed Kemper’s trial, Allyn Kemper, 22, revealed under cross examination that both she and her mother thought Kemper might have been involved in the death of Cynthia Schall.

Allyn Kemper testified that she asked her brother directly whether he had anything to do with the killing – one of eight of which he is accused.

“No,” she quoted him in response, “but I was afraid you might be suspicious because of that cat thing. My mother has already asked me about it, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring it up again because it will just stir things up.”

The “cat thing” Miss Kemper explained, involved an incident when the family lived in Montana and her brother decapitated the family cat with a bayonet.

Under questioning by District Attorney Peter Chang, she also related that she herself was almost killed by Kemper.

That, too, happened in Montana. Kemper, she explained, had always had an interest in guns, and one day as she walked through the living room she heard a click.

As she turned, she said, a bullet from Kemper’s .22 rifle whizzed by her ear and buried itself in a bookcase.

“Oops!” she quoted her brother. “I thought it was empty.”

Sources: “Kemper tapes relate grisly details”, The San Francisco Examiner, October 31, 1973, by Don West / Photo of Allyn Kemper (17 years old) from the Soquel High School yearbook, 1968


  1. charlieluvsyou

    Ya think that could be a/the reason why he used the phrase “Murderous Butcher,” with the quotation marks, in his letter to the police, after he killed his mother and her friend? Apparently, they had discussed it previously?

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Maybe it was an expression used by some media and/or police to describe him and he used it in his message.

      • charlieluvsyou

        I figured it was probably used in the papers/media at the time, especially since Herbert Mullin was also active then, and apparently their cases were a bit confused at first. It just kinda has a new meaning to me, I guess, after reading this post. Makes me wonder, anyways. Thanks for this site, by the way. I’ve been a lurker for some time now.

        • Edmund Kemper Stories

          Thank you for your kind words!

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