Fascinated by the dark side of human nature since her teenage years, Christine Falco is the creator and main runner of the Edmund Kemper Stories (EKS) blog.

Christine has also contributed texts for two books: Dary Matera’s Ed Kemper – Conversations with a Killer (2021, Barnes & Noble/Sterling) and Emerson Murray’s Murder Capital of the World (2021). 

She has also assembled a small collection of crime memorabilia related to Ed Kemper: items that he has owned or made (such as books, letters and ceramic mugs), and items indirectly related to his case (books, props and artwork). 

In real life, Christine is based in Montreal and is a producer of feature films and documentaries through her company, Camera Oscura Films. She has produced nearly 30 films to date, which have received numerous selections and awards in Canada and around the world, including Berlin, Rotterdam and Toronto.