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Did Ed Kemper’s father ever forgive him?

Did Ed Kemper’s father ever forgive him for killing his parents in 1964?

According to Kemper himself, his father forgave him during their 1971 reunion. In June 1971, Ed Kemper tries to get in touch with his father whom he has not seen since his imprisonment at Atascadero. He manages to find his address and telephone number through the electricians’ union directory in Los Angeles. His father refuses to receive him at home because he remembers his second wife’s reactions and migraines when his son came to live with them. He agrees to meet him at a restaurant where they spend several hours together drinking, chatting and pretending to argue over who will pay for the alcohol tab. Finally, Ed Jr pays the bill. “I knew he never had bread, but we took the opportunity to solve all our problems, about the grandparents, and he told me he had forgiven me.” This would be their last meeting.

But, according to David Weber, Ed Kemper’s half-brother through their father, said in an interview published in the Fall of 2017 in the Daily Mail UK, that his father was at a loss as to what to do with his unruly son until [his parents] offered to take him in and straighten him out. “It was a fatal mistake. My father never forgave himself for that and only on his deathbed forgave Guy [Ed Kemper’s nickname in his family] for what he did. Susan [Kemper’s older sister] arranged a phone call between Guy, my dad, and a minister while my dad was dying in the hospital,” Weber said. Kemper’s father died on January 19, 1985.

Source: L’Ogre de Santa Cruz (Stéphane Bourgoin) / Daily Mail UK


  1. George

    It’s a shame that the true story never came out back in the 70’s about Guy’s (Kemper),
    relationship with occult groups that fluorished around Santa Cruz at that time, groups that were Luciferian and perpetrated many gruesome crimes. Herbie was involved (Mullins) being introduced via “The Process”/. Manson’s connection to “Big Ed” and Manson 2 who’s Satanic ties included the Coven in Minot, North Dakota ( partially outlined in a book by investigate journalist Maury Terry) all had their roots in the Santa Cruz area.
    At one time in the early seventies, the Santa Cruz Witches were on par or stronger than the Vatican in terms of Màgick and with the refugees who fled to Minot conjured demonic entities still seen today. Try a search for werewolves of Minot or something along those lines.
    There is/was a huge story here which gave rise to the Satanic craze of the 80’s which is often looked back as an example of over eager Social workers, Psychologist, Psychiatrist s, Teachers, Clergy all making up a gigantic hoax all over America and beyond. Unfortunately all those stories were true and when the same crimes took place in the nineties and beyond no one payed attention except the denizens of “The Kingdom”.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Hello, I read about this before but I don’t remember where. I don’t know if it’s true but I have my doubts as I have never found any solid proof about this and Kemper never discussed it. Do you have proof of this?

    • DD

      Kemper was a loner and wouldn’t have ever shared these crimes with anyone else and this is not exactly a guy who holds back or is “secretive. And it certainly was a big hoax. ALL of it. There is certainly evil but the satanic craze was a bunch of BS. There is not one bit of evidence to ever prove it but there sure were many innocent people hurt by these religiously ridiculous allegations. You sound like you belong in Salem in the 1600s. We’ve evolved now as a society thank God.

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