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Kemper on Kemper book

Got this for Christmas! I wasn’t aware of this book before receiving it as a gift. Independently published in 2020 by author Peter Scott Jr., it presents Kemper’s story through newspapers articles, interviews and personal encounters. It includes written transcripts of some of Kemper’s most famous video interviews, such as the ones for the documentary “Murder – No Apparent Motive” (1984), the FBI Academy (1989) and Stéphane Bourgoin’s “Serial Killers” (1991). Also included is the full transcript of Kemper’s 2017 parole hearing.

This book is nothing new for seasoned Kemper researchers, but it is fun to have a book that collects all of Kemper’s most important interviews. This book is also a good starting point for anyone interested in knowing more about Kemper.

Author Peter Scott Jr. has published a similar book about Charles Manson, Manson on Manson, also released in 2020. Both books are available on Amazon.


  1. Clegsy

    Hi I also got this for Christmas 😊 have you read any yet?

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Yes, I’ve started reading it, will read the 1991 interview today!

  2. Paul Maher

    There is something new though, I read on the kindle version that it has confession tapes transcripts.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      I read the whole book (on paper) and they are not there. There is the 2017 parole transcript.Indeed, in the Kindle version, there are 4 excerpts of the confessions. Don’t know why they’re not in the paper version.

      • Paul Maher

        I inquired with the editor. He stated that the confession transcripts are in the print version and that they aren’t excerpted. They are typed verbatim from the audio obtained from the police department of Santa Cruz. When I pushed him why they seem to start in the middle of a transcript, he said that’s because parts are being held back from public consumption and quoted “The Sheriff’s Office is only releasing Kemper records that were previously released to the public in 2012. Non- released records will remain exempt from disclosure pursuant to California Code Civil Procedure section 129, and are exempt from disclosure as investigatory records under California Government Code Section 6254 (f) and Hayne v. Superior Court (2002) 26 CAL.4th 1061. As always, the Sheriff’s Office reserves all rights.” Hope that helps …

        • Paul Maher

          also, note that now the paperback on amazon does indeed say “expanded edition” of 20000 words …. the material had apparently been made available to him after the first version went to print. I obtained the transcripts for myself and they match up to the Kindle version word-for-word.

          • Edmund Kemper Stories

            I got the book for Christmas and checked on Amazon a few days later and there was no mention of a new edition. I just went back to check and the new version is available. I will definitely buy it as I’ve been wanting to read the confessions for a long time. And I’ll update my post. Thanks for letting me know!

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