Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

Chronicles of Evil Interview

Our blog’s webmaster, Christine Falco, recently gave an interview to Scott Stick about her research on the Ed Kemper case for his podcast Chronicles of Evil.

Listen to it HERE.

From the Chronicles of Evil website: Not everyone can (or would even want to) spend their time examining, in minute detail, the life story of an infamous serial murderer. Christine Falco, webmaster of, is however, doing just that – curating a fascinating collection of rarely seen documents, pictures, videos and stories, which serve to take visitors on a deep dive into the world of Edmund Kemper, also known as the “Coed Killer”, a serial murderer, rapist and necrophiliac who is currently serving eight concurrent life sentences, at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California. 


  1. Amy

    Great interview, Christine. You sound very articulate and passionate about this subject. Thanks for all your work in maintaining this fascinating website.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Thank you for your kind words, I enjoyed giving that interview!

  2. Megan

    I find it odd how it’s rarely mentioned he was also a cannibal yet with people like Dahmer it seems to be the main focus.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      Kemper has not been reliable in his accounts about his cannibalism. He admitted to it with some of his coed victims, then recanted and then admitted to it again. I personally think he did eat parts of some his victims.

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