Documenting the Co-Ed Killer case

Ed Kemper’s prison ID

In 1979, photographer Joey Tranchina visited Edmund Kemper in prison to capture his everyday life in photos. This is one of Ed Kemper’s hand holding his prison ID.

You can see a scar on Kemper’s wrist, a remnant of his suicide attempts before and during his 1973 trial.


  1. Mel

    If Kemper has taught me anything it is never accept rides from strangers.I accepted a ride with a stranger one time because I was tired and cold,and young and dumb.It was after 11 pm during the winter.I was waiting for the bus and a guy pulled up in a dark car and told me that the bus stoped running and offered me a ride.Never made eye contact.We had good conversation.He said I was easy to talk with and was patient and didn’t interrupt him.He went from quiet and reserved to well engaged.When we reached my destination he told me”Don’t accept rides from strangers,anymore,I was in a type of mood and now I’m not,I mean it,don’t do it again.”I guess you can take that as good advice or a warning.I told my friend about it who is a true crime reader and that’s how I got into reading about girls just like me who accepted a ride from a stranger.Got into the wrong car and weren’t as lucky.Once you read those stories,especially Kemper’s it changes how you look at people.That vulnerability is stripped away.It makes you aware of the monsters in the world.

  2. Cass

    Just saw a Twitter post from someone that had information on Kempers health as of right now. He is in hospice so that means he probably will pass soon. Not a surprise for us that has followed his case. His health has declined the last couple of years. Also I noticed the website is no longer available so I guess that interview will not be published?

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      I read that too for Kemper’s health. The source seems reliable. I was kind of hoping he’d make it to his next parole hearing in 2024. Will he? As for the website, I tried writing to them and they didn’t answer. Don’t know how serious a project it was.

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