A rare piece: a fully handwritten letter by Ed Kemper to a male penpal, from 1995. It is rare because Kemper typed most of his letters. It is about two pages long. Here is a transcript of the last two paragraphs of the letter:

Spencer Michaels, a field reporter with McNeil Lehrer, passed me in the hallway recently. He had a crew with him, as well as the Warden’s Ad Asst. It was nice that he remembered me from an interview in the early 80s when he was out on the coast with KPIX channel 4. Oops-That’s KRON I guess. (who watches the local news in prison?)

I don’t do media interviews anymore – they want only to rake over the pain and ashes of 22 years ago. There’s nothing “new” there except anguish and I can do that without the corporate sponsors and audience share actuarials, thank you very much. When a lifer is the subject, who but him is concerned with healing? (if then…)

Gonna get this mailed – take care.



This letter is part of my collection of true crime collectibles.