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Kemper on Kemper book – Expanded

We published a post on December 30 about this book, but we learned recently that an expanded version was just released. And what has been added to the book is quite awesome. Indeed, Kemper’s 1973 confessions after his arrest in Pueblo, Colorado, are now included in the book. Quite a riveting read for any Kemper researcher!

This book was already fun since it collects all of Kemper’s most important interviews. Now, it’s even more complete! Available to buy on Amazon.


  1. Brenda Harkness

    I’m so sad that the cover art looks more like Cameron Britton than Ed Kemper III.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      I agree!

  2. Ted Bundy

    I just wish someone proofread it prior to printing it. It’s obvious that an audio transcriber was used to transcribe the confessions and there’s TONS of mistakes.

    • Edmund Kemper Stories

      It’s quite possible. I just received the book and haven’t read the confessions yet.

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